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Adacity log

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Chapel Hill Pediatric Speech Pathology employs audio analysis and transcription to help children develop the skills necessary for effective communication. Our client was spending hours hitting rewind & play on a tape recorder. We proposed upgrading to digital recording and editing tools. After a review the available audio recording and transcription software, we developed a simple solution using Audacity (link) for audio recording and audio/video playback. We researched microphones and webcams to find the most suitable and cost effective. As necessary, we provided oversight of software/hardware installation, and instruction in new editing techniques.

White Oak IT provides complete end-to-end solutions:
Hardware -> Software -> Solution Development -> Installation -> Training


Amber Jones wanted to take her notecard business on-line. We built a site to display and sell her cards, making it easy to add new designs and product-lines as her business grows.

Our philosophy: Simple is better! This straight-forward site gets the job done on a low budget. Selling on-line is not about glitzy shopping carts and customer registration. Selling is about providing information while ensuring the customers has a delightful experience!